Live Wedding Painting

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You not only marry the person you love- it's the joining of two families. Your families look forward to this joyous occasion. You've got the entire wedding planned- the venue, the food, the decor - the dress :) Photography and video play a huge role in capturing all the moments that are important to you. 

An artistic way to capture a special moment in  your wedding is through live wedding painting. A painting is created at the venue during the wedding . Think of it as a live performance. You and your guests will watch a painting unfold itself , the progress and how it comes to life. 

After the wedding, the food is gone, the flowers dried up , but you get to keep the painting as your keepsake . It's something that you can pass onto future generations. 

If you are someone who loves art, fashion , weddings all rolled up into one, and are looking for a live wedding painter , contact me ! Let's discuss your event , your vision and make a beautiful memory on canvas . 

Live Wedding Painting - Monica Mutyala , Deepica Mutyala's sister , Houston

Live Wedding Painter - Nyra Kris - Philadephia

Live Wedding Artist - Sindhoora Yash - Reston , Virginia

Live Wedding Artist - Priyanka Akshay - Cancun, Mexico

Live Event Artist - Ajay Shehn - Chantilly, Virginia

Live Wedding Painter - Sriya Veer - Oklahoma City

Live Wedding Painting - Sheena Shalin , Maryland