Live Wedding Painting

What is Live Wedding Painting ? 

Live Painting is a unique , entertaining service provided by an artist by creating a painting on site from start to finish during an event as the wedding unfolds. A painting is created at the venue during the wedding . Think of it as a live performance. You and your guests will watch a painting unfold , the progress and how it comes to life. It is immensely desired and popular at weddings. 

Live Wedding Painting - Monica Mutyala , Deepica Mutyala's sister , Houston

After the wedding, the food is gone, the flowers dried up , but you get to keep the painting as your keepsake . It's something that you can pass onto future generations.

FAQs about Live Wedding Painting 

What kind of events can you paint live at ?

As a live event painter, I have painted at wedding ceremonies, receptions, engagements, milestone birthdays and corporate parties. 

If it is an important event in your life, and you'd like an artistic touch to it , live painting is a beautiful way to capture it. 

What kind of paints do you use ? What medium do you use ? 

I work with high quality acrylic paints and pens on canvas. I like the fluidity and ease of acrylic paints and its fast drying nature. It works really well at events . Sometimes, I work with watercolors , pens and acrylic paints on a sheet of paper , if the event involves travel . But for the most part, I work with paints and canvas. 

What kind of event looks better on a painting ? Do you recommend the wedding ceremony or reception ? 

Often, couples ask me if I prefer to paint one or the other .This is very personal choice. I usually will have them think about what is more meaningful to them . Sometimes, its decision based on decor and outfits . Sometimes, it's purely , the fact that someone wants a beautiful painting that focuses on the highlight of the event. 

Can I request who I'd like painted on my wedding painting ? How many people can you paint in a wedding painting ? 

Yes, absolutely ! Depending on what package + canvas size  you decide to go with , I recommend no more than 10-15 people on a painting. It helps to keep the focus on the couple . 

We can talk about your requirements for your wedding painting. I have painted reception / party scenes on large canvases , which have more than 15 people on it. That's predominantly because I have more area on a large canvas to paint on and I can still focus  on the couple . The rest of the folks faces are not detailed as the couple. Live Wedding Painter - Nyra Kris - Philadephia

What are your requirements for the wedding day ? What do you need to paint live at a wedding ? 

I require a space no more than 6 x 6 with a table , chair and access to a power source. I do request to please not place me next to / or in front of a speaker !  Having me placed at a spot where people can see the painting in progress is a wonderful way for me to interact with your guests , works well . 

How much time do you need to set up ? When will you arrive to set up and paint ? How long will you paint at the event ? 

I arrive about 2-3 hours before the event begins to set up and start painting the background/ backdrop . This sets up the tone for the painting. As a live painter, I paint through through the wedding or any event . If I am painting live at a wedding ceremony, I will usually paint from ceremony through the reception . 

How long does it take to finish a painting ? 

It varies from canvas to canvas , wedding to wedding and the complexities of the paintings, number of people in it, etc. I've finished paintings on site as big as 30 x 40 canvases and given it to the couple at the end of the event.I've also worked on site at weddings and taken the canvas back to my studio to finish it up. 

If I take the painting back with me , I usually will have it ready for local pick up / shipping in 2-4 weeks . 

November and December weddings may work differently . Due to the volume of projects + holiday orders coupled with holiday events for ( Live sketching / Live painting / Engraving ) ,during this time period, I am unable to work on finishing up wedding paintings.

If I don't finish up the painting at the venue, the painting will be ready after the holidays in January . This will be communicated to the couple / client ahead of time . 

Where are you based ? Can you travel to paint at my wedding ? 

I am based in Virginia , couple of miles west of DC . I am available to paint live at local weddings in the DC, Maryland , Virginia area and beyond. I am also available to travel to paint live at your wedding in the United States and internationally. 

How much does it cost for a live wedding painting ? 

Live wedding painting can run anywhere from $2K to $10K , It depends on a number of factors . Some of the factors are the experience of the artist, location and travel, the style of the artwork . 

Investment for have me paint live at your wedding starts at $3500. Different packages are available. Packages can be customized per your request. Please inquire for more information. 

I also recommend exploring live sketching at your wedding or reception. Live sketching of guests is a great way to add an artistic flair to your special day . You can get yourself sketched too :) 

If you are someone who loves art, fashion , weddings all rolled up into one, and are looking for a live wedding painter , contact me !  I am based in Virginia and am available to travel to your wedding . 

Let's discuss your event , your vision and make a beautiful memory on canvas . 


Live Wedding Artist - Sindhoora Yash - Reston , Virginia

Live Wedding Artist - Priyanka Akshay - Cancun, Mexico

Live Event Artist - Ajay Shehn - Chantilly, Virginia

Live Wedding Painter - Sriya Veer - Oklahoma City

Live Wedding Painting - Sheena Shalin , Maryland