Bellevue Conference and Events Center Wedding Painting

One more wedding making its way slowly to the blog.

Being asked to paint live at Mabel and Martinson’s wedding back in October 2023, was an amazing experience . I knew it would be a gorgeous wedding once I realized where it would be held. The venue -  The Bellevue Conference and Events Center -  has been on my bucket list forever . It is one of the finest venues in Virginia, I have ever painted live at . And it’s in my backyard. 

While there are so many little details that go into a wedding, here’s a quick overview of the live painting created onsite for Mabel and Martison - of their very beautiful ceremony . 

Live Wedding Painting at The Bellevue Conference and Events Center, Virginia

Mabel was very keen on having the vows portion of the ceremony painted. Everything from the decor to the entertainment was executed to perfection. .

At the end of the day, everyone felt the love . I painted through the reception that followed and finished up before the night concluded.

Live Wedding Painter in Virginia

I presented the painting to the lovely couple at the end of the night . I was especially thrilled to see Martinson exclaim that he saw his smile in the painting. I love seeing the reaction from the couple when they see themselves in the painting. 

Live Wedding Painting at The Bellevue Conference and Event Center 

Congratulations Mabel and Martinson! Thank you for having me paint live at your wedding and capture your beautiful ceremony on canvas.



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