Lansdowne Resort Wedding Reception - Live Painting for Krishna and Drew

Krishna reached out to me to paint live at her wedding reception ,which was on October 30th. The venue was Lansdowne Resort in VA , not too far from where I live . 

For a Reception live painting, I come in when the room is being flipped from ceremony to reception decor . I start to set up to paint the backdrops , dance floor and some key features. I love painting at receptions because there’s music and dancing . Everyone’s a lot more relaxed after the ceremony and it's time to enjoy the evening. 

I almost always get a preview of the first dance as the couple rehearse before the reception. At times, couples are very keen on capturing a certain moment , other times they leave it up to me. to pick a moment to paint . In this case, I could make that call.  The rehearsal helped me hone in on a few key moments .  I picked this moment because it was adorable and the couple looked so happy. 

Wedding Reception First Dance

Krishna was dressed in a beautiful white sequinned lehenga choli and her husband , Drew, dressed in a tuxedo . I knew the The contrast of their outfits would look amazing on the painting . The dance floor was lit ( literally!) All of the details were fun to recreate and give an artistic flair on the canvas. 

Prior to the wedding, Krishna and I discussed various logistics and that I would drop off the finished painting with her mother. We realized I actually knew of Krishna’s mother who owns a local boutique . I’ve met her mom in the past when I bought an outfit from her . Small world !

Live Wedding Reception Painting in progress

When I reached the venue and started to set up ,  someone called out to me . It was the wedding coordinator with whom I had worked with at a previous wedding.  I had worked with the wedding coordinator at a previous wedding .  It was so nice to see a familiar face and as we caught up, I learnt that the couple from the previous wedding recently had a baby . I love hearing milestones about my clients. And babies are beautiful milestones. 

As the wedding reception progressed after the first dance , and I continued to paint ,One of the most memorable moments for me at this reception was the dance by the couple’s friends. It was quite the production as they danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Some were in costume !  Everyone loved it ! Did I mention that the reception was October 30th - the day before Halloween ;-) It only made sense that the ghosts , goblins and zombies would dance at the reception ! 

Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t enjoy painting in such a fun atmosphere ! 

If you are interested in Live Painting at your wedding / reception reach out to me . Here's more information on what to expect. 

Live Wedding Reception painting - Landsdowne Resort Virginia

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