Finding the Perfect Custom Art Gift for the Holidays

How can you incorporate art - more specifically custom art into Holiday Gifting this Holiday Season ? 

Illustration of woman carry Gifts

The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved ones with custom art creating a truly meaningful gift. 

Custom art takes time . There is considerable communication that goes into creating something personalized. Once the project's vision and timeline is discussed - which can be a good 4-6 emails back and forth , the actual project could take anywhere from 10-14 days to create depending on the complexity and the scope of the project. And then the artwork / item needs to be shipped to you or the recipient . Shipping during holiday season has its challenges.

It is never too early to get the ball rolling . 

Here are some of the ways you can get custom art created.

Custom art on canvas or illustrations on paper - although these make beautiful gifts for home decor - personalized and meaningful. Custom Family portraits, House portraits are very coveted custom art. 

Custom House Portrait

Custom Ornaments - We all love beautiful ornaments. Customized ornaments can have pet portraits, family portraits , house portraits . It's a wonderful way to announce engagements, pregnancy . 

Custom Dog Portrait Custom Christmas Ornament - familly portrait

House Portraits on Ornaments make great gifts for housewarming . Realtors - this season , consider gifting your clients personalized ornaments with their new home painted on it . 

Custom painted handbags- I love painting on handbags. A simple , elegant bag can be transformed into something that reflects one's character . Fashionistas can flaunt their own style with a hand painted bag. 

Hand painted handbag  hand painted bag

Personalized Engraving on Perfumes , Wine Bottles , Candles

What can I say about engraving on glassware ? Clients gush over a personalized engraved perfume bottle . It could be anything - a candle holder, candles. I never tire from hearing about how much they love seeing something engraved on their bottle/ candle. 

Engraved Candle  Engraving on candle

I love seeing people's reactions to engraved items - especially when I am engraving live at an event . This is a highly popular activation during the holidays . 

Engraving on perfume  Engraved Perfume bottle

Ideas for engraving - Names , Dates, Names in different languages , simple phrases , congratulatory message , holiday messaging . Any heartfelt engraving makes it a very special gift or keepsake. 

Custom Painted Perfumes - Another simple way to elevate a perfume bottle . Most popular requests are flowers , fruits . The bottles look stunning ! 

Painted perfume bottle  Hand painted Chanel perfume bottle

Custom Painted Wine Bottles, Champagne Bottles - This one can simply transform a bottle into a work of art . Holidays are a great way to create an experiential gift with a hand painted wine/ champagne bottle.

Hand painted wine bottle  Custom painted bottle - barbie themed

I finally added a custom shop tab to my website, to make it easier for ordering . But I understand communication is key , so you are always welcome to get in touch with me via email or this form

Items such as perfume bottles , candles , wine bottles, champagne bottles can be shipped to me directly ( zip code 22033 ) to calculate shipping costs. I can ship the perfume bottles and candles back to you . Alcohol bottles will need to be picked up from me . I am unable to ship them anywhere in the United States. 

Clients in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area , have the option to drop off / pick up the item(s) from me to eliminate shipping. 

So which gift appeals to you the most ? I hope these ideas excite you and you consider having one of a kind artwork for you in your home or for a loved one . 

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