Creating Lasting Memories: Live Sketching at Tysons Corner & Painting Weddings

This past week , I was on site a lot -  3 events over the span of 5 days . Luckily for me , they were all local events. 

Live Sketching at Tysons Corner this past Wednesday August 8th .

Live Painting at a wedding at the Westin, Alexandria  on August 12th

Live Painting at a wedding at Waters Edge Events Center, Belcamp, MD 

Today's blog is about live sketching at Tysons Corner as part of their Art Wednesday series. I will share more about the weddings in another post.

My friend Sam and I sketched live at Tysons Corner outdoors at the plaza. We created digital sketches on procreate using the iPad. 

Digital live sketch of woman

It was an opportunity for anyone at the mall to stop by and get a sketch of themselves. I took their pictures and sketched it on the iPad and emailed it to them the next day . 


My love for live sketching digitally has grown immensely based on the fact that I can pack light for an event - especially travel ;-)  More than anything , I enjoy working with my artist friends . Being an artist and solopreneur can be lonely sometimes. So if the opportunity arises where I can work with a fellow artist , I absolutely love it.

Live sketch of woman created using Procreate on Ipad 

Did you know , if you have an event planned with a large number of guests, you absolutely can have more than one artist sketching guest portraits. That way , 2 artists can get through more guests sketches. 

If someone reaches out to me about live sketching at an event and indicates that their guest count is over 150 , I will recommend having another artist at the event. If the client would like that option , I reach out to my friends to see if someone is available on that date and we go from there . 

Digital live sketchingDigital live sketch of man

Each artist has their own skills that they bring to live sketching at events. I always appreciate the opportunity as it gives us a moment to bond , learn from one another , serve the client in the best possible way, provide some interactive entertainment and keepsakes ( guest portraits ) for the guests and most importantly, have fun doing what we love doing. 

If you are interested in have me live sketch guest portraits at your event , feel free to contact me



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