New phone case…

I’m excited ! I have a new phone. I have a new phone case. The phone case was designed by me. Hence the excitement !

Back in 2012, when I lived in Sydney, Australia, I sold my artwork through Etsy and my own website. In early 2013, I moved back to the U.S and I took a 2 year break from the online world of art , social media – except to keep in touch with friends and family.

Anyway, the artwork on my phone is from 2012 and is one of my favorites. The purple /mauve/plum background is acrylic paints and the leaves are digitally drawn. You’ll find it in my Society6 store that I had populated with some of my favorite designs back then.


While the iPhone case is pretty , I can’t say I have much of a future as a hand model !



Artful journey

After much contemplation , I have decided to blog my work again . I will share my artwork .. more visuals, less words. So hopefully, my use of color, pattern, art , sketches will brighten your day – a just a moment’s reprieve from everyday life.

The works below are from 2 years ago  – acrylic paintings that I made when I lived in Sydney, Australia. I am currently drowned in watercolors and I am loving it.

For more current works , follow along on my Instagram account.




Acrylic painting  My favorite season - Autumn
My favorite season – Autumn