Back to school !

Like I said, I have mixed feelings about back to school .The upside is definitely the routine and time factor. So , I jumped right in and started off the morning right with a cup of coffee and some whimsical sketching . Letting the pen flow in the quiet of the morning is very meditative . Before everyone is up and the morning rush to get to school takes over, I find that sketching/ painting/ drawing definitely gives me a sense of contentment as I start the day.

Wildflowers in the wee hours of the morning
Wildflowers in the wee hours of the morning


The week is off to a good start .. Hope yours is too 🙂

Cheers !

New phone case…

I’m excited ! I have a new phone. I have a new phone case. The phone case was designed by me. Hence the excitement !

Back in 2012, when I lived in Sydney, Australia, I sold my artwork through Etsy and my own website. In early 2013, I moved back to the U.S and I took a 2 year break from the online world of art , social media – except to keep in touch with friends and family.

Anyway, the artwork on my phone is from 2012 and is one of my favorites. The purple /mauve/plum background is acrylic paints and the leaves are digitally drawn. You’ll find it in my Society6 store that I had populated with some of my favorite designs back then.


While the iPhone case is pretty , I can’t say I have much of a future as a hand model !



Hello, June !

Can you believe it.. its June, already ? ! Its been so hot lately, that I’m thinking its time to head to the beach . My daughter liked this sketch and she’s named the girl June. So here’s June 🙂

Hello, June ! (

I live at least 4 hours away from the nearest beach here in Virginia . If I had been in Sydney, not being at the beach was not an option on hot days , since it was just 40 minutes away.

I got swept away into swirls of doodles over the weekend. This would look great as a mural, don’t you think ?

Swirly (

Happy Monday !



Happy Friday !

I made it .. I wanted to post one more time this week. I have a few more sketches on Instagram , if you want to stop by there.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start ! I hope to get a bubbly going like the one below…




Post Memorial day

I’ve been incognito .. and I have no excuse. But here’s a bunch of stuff I did over the last 9 days. I got caught up with the gorgeous gowns at the Cannes Festival . I couldn’t help but illustrate Aishwarya Rai’s gown by Elie Saab. Quite the mermaid look, don’t you think ?


Florals for my watercolor practice …



Working on this spread to create a pattern and its emerging.


Cocktails for Friday 🙂

DSC_0018 And then … Memorial Day weekend.. I was sapped . No energy and I was in my PJs for two days. No fun . This is what I pretty much looked like with a gorgeous day outside. No fun .


Thankfully, I was back to normal on Monday – armed and dangerous 😉




Today has been a slow day … I hope to pick it up and create more soon.

Hope you had a good Memorial day weekend  !



Catching up

Here’s a bunch of stuff that I didn’t post over last week . A few weeks ago, I was in Canada. More on that later.. I think it deserves its own post.

But below are in progress shots of an illustration of the hop-on hop-off bus that we toured Toronto in.



This past week, I seemed to be lost in my travels. Fuchsia all the way from New Zealand , when we visited in 2011.  It must be the travel bug or I was looking for inspiration.


Cupcake illustration of a cupcake that I devoured from Prarie Girl Bakery, on King Street in Toronto , because , well, I like cupcakes. I also like drawing them, obviously.


Some florals over the weekend.



And of course .. here’s to a good strong start to your Monday !