The Romantics x Netflix

I was invited to the screening of The Romantics in NYC a couple of weeks ago , but was unable to go . Bummer. 

It just seemed fitting that I sketch something from Yash Raj Films that I think of fondly to this day. 

Inspired by The Romantics being screened on Netflix, here's an illustration of Raj and Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or DDLJ . 

Raj and Simran in DDLJ Illustration - Shah Rukh Khan and Simran

The first Yash Chopra movie I watched was probably Deewar or Silsila . I grew up in the early 80s in Mumbai and there wasn’t a soul who hadn't watched an Amitabh Bachchan movie..  I was really young then to understand who a director was and why the songs in the films could transport the actors to various locations and they had a change of outfits ! I have more vivid memories of Silsila - the tulips and the songs stood out to me . 

Chandni and Lamhe are my favorite Yash Chopra movies. Lamhe was way ahead of its time . Sridevi being one of my favorite actresses , she lit up the screen every time she was on it . Yash Chopra truly was a master when it came to conveying grandeur , beauty of a location and having the women in his movies shine through it all . 

Work in progress - Raj and Simran in DDLJ illustration

DDLJ will always be my favorite Aditya Chopra movie . I was in college and I remember going to watch it at the theater with my sisters . So many aspects of it were relatable , funny and entertaining. Everyone fell in love with the movie and Shah Rukh Khan. To this day , it remains a movie that I think of with fondness because of what it reminds me of - fun college days.

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in DDLJ - work in progress

Watching The Romantics , felt like a walk down memory lane. I feel Hindi films - and Indian movies, in general - have always been larger than life. They've oscillated between being either too grand and aspirational to more relatable content in recent years. They are a huge part of Indian culture . Some mirror everyday life , but what strikes a chord with me are some of the stories that are told in the most entertaining way and the artistry that goes into creating the narrative . 

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