Custom-Painted Wine and Champagne Bottles: The Art of Gifting

A little Studio Update - What I have been working on lately ... 

The past couple of days, I've been painting on wine/ champagne bottles . 

Luxuriously painted and customized bottles make beautiful gifts for graduation parties, engagements, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, corporate event gifting and holiday events. 

The bottles can be matched to any event theme color , bridal invitation suite , bridal outfits , bright florals or pretty pastels , blushes or pale blues. Artwork or lettering can be customized based on someone's favorite colors , flowers , a special place like a wedding venue or a landmark . 

Painted Wine bottle with wedding crest , couple's initials and Blue hydrangeas

 White and blue painted wine bottleHand Painted Wine Bottle with wedding crest

I use acrylic paints to paint on the bottles. It takes a lot of layers starting with the base layer. Each coat takes at least an hour to dry before I can apply the next layer or start the actual artwork on it. 

Each bottle takes anywhere from 6- 10 hours to complete. And that's not all done in one day. It is spread out over a span of 5- 10 days depending on what kind of work I do on the bottle. The more complex the artwork , the more time it takes . 

The Pinot Noir and the Moscato ( pink bottle and green bottles) were created as bridal gifts. Each of the bottles match the bridal outfits in this case the bridal lehenga. The patterns mimic the patterns on the bridal lehenga. For extra jazz, I added the rhinestones which really made the colors pop as well. 

Painted Wine Bottle Pink and white with rhinestones.      Painted champagne bottle close up of rhinestones

Painted Moscato bottle - Green Bridal Lehenga patternHand Painted Moscato Bottle close up 


The Chandon bottle is not completed yet. It is still work in progress. But I really like the girly pink and white checkered pattern . Can you guess the theme ? I can't wait to show you when its completed :) 

Custom Painted Champagne Bottle - Pink and White Barbie themed

Bottle painting in studio is not a one and done kind of deal . It really does take time. But at the end of it , the result is so worth it. 


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