Pisces Zodiac Sign Illustration

For the longest time I have toyed with creating a series of illustrations that tie together. I have a running list of ideas , but it's hard to focus on one series or one idea. Ask any creative , they'll know what I mean !

Enter the Zodiac signs. This is a 2023 goal of mine and I've finished my first  Zodiac sign - Pisces . It came as a result of feeling low creatively . At times like this, its best to mope a bit and then get back to trying to spur on the creativity . 

Pisces Illustration wall decor

Pisces - the 12th sign in the astrological series- a water sign torn between fantasy and reality - depicted by the 2 fish swimming in opposite directions. 

Woman in water - Pisces artwork

Given that I felt a creative block , I wanted to change how I work , I tried a different approach to creating this piece after sketching it . I usually will paint the skin tones and then move onto the outfits and then the details . In this case, I started off with washing the entire sheet of paper with the cool blue tones and continued to paint over it and add in details .

I used my watercolors , Tombow Markers and micron pens for this illustration. 

Pisces artwork , water sign

I'm happy with the technique and how Pisces turned out . I think I will use this technique for the rest of the Zodiac signs to see if I maintain a certain style or a distinctive look to these sketches.  I might just learn a thing or two along the way and boost my creative spirit . 

Here's the link if you'd like to buy the illustration . 


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