Past New York Fashion Week Experiences

Fashion Illustration of Woman walking down NYC street by Bloomingdales

I still remember my very first Fashion Week in NYC . I was so new to Fashion Illustration , and I wanted to experience fashion week in person . I haven’t been back to Fashion Week since the pandemic . But I hope to - soon. 

Fashion Sketch of woman with backdrop of New York SkylineFashion Illustration of woman with New York City Skyline behind her 

I was aware of how busy it can get , but experiencing it was another story . I have a different take on Fashion Week since I am not in the fashion industry per se . I’m kind of looking into it - I have a very different lens since I am an artist and Fashion Illustrator. 

I look to partner with brands and designers for sketching at the events , creating art as an experience for the attendees. I also look for the outfits in the shows that would make for fun sketches. I am on the lookout for street style fashion . I look out for colors, movement in the outfits , patterns and anything that could make a great sketch. And there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from - pun intended.

Fashion Illustration of Tadashi Shoji Show from September 2018


If anyone wants to go to Fashion Week , here’s a few things I’ve learned as an attendee .

Fashion Illustrations of Bibhu Mohpatra Collection September 2018

it’s the best time if you want to connect with Fashion PR professionals , editors , bloggers but it is also very challenging because everyone is there to  attend shows. 

Attending more than 3 shows a day can be exhausting and almost impossible to achieve.  Account for waiting times - that can be well over 45 minutes to get into the venue to be seated / or to stand . The shows are no more than 15 minutes long.

Dress well and wear comfortable clothes and shoes (!) I learnt this the hard way . Your feet will kill you if you wear heels / stilettos and walk everywhere, not to mention standing in line for the shows. In September , I’d wear flip flops / sneakers to commute and walk in NYC and switch into my nice sandals just before entering the venue. 

Sorry,I have no tips for dressing well in the winter . I struggled with it - all I wanted to do was be warm and not get frostbite in February ! 

Fashion Illustration of woman dressed in oversized outfit and scarf crossing street

It does help to have company going to the shows . When I went in 2016 , I didn't know anyone but I used it as an opportunity to talk to people and make connections. Eventually I started going to shows with these new friends.

Be genuine when you talk to people.  Avoid being your phone while talking to someone in person . Make a human connection  - make eye contact and talk . You can make the most of Fashion Week and not miss out on your Instagram analytics at the same time.

Enjoy the new collections this season ! 



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