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 Live sketching for Weddings , Bat/ Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events

Watching a live event illustrator sketch or paint your guests at your event will make it a very memorable experience . 

I have been sketching live at events since 2016 and it brings me great joy to sketch at events and be around people.  

What is Live Sketching ? 

It is the art of capturing a moment in real time and creating it using a series of images at an event - conferences, parties etc . It is a memorable experience for whoever is being sketched . The artist sketches live while people can watch it happen real time . 

Who is live sketching for ? Who would like Live Sketching ?

 Live event sketching adds a layer of a creative theme to all kinds of events - weddings , corporate parties,  brand activations, product launches, conferences.

Brands, Luxury Stores utilize live sketching at promotional events , product launches, fashion shows very often. 

It works really well for the guests at an event ,especially weddings . Live sketches work beautifully as a unique way to capture the outfits . The gestural artwork varies from artist to artist , but the idea is to capture the essence of the guest at the event. 

Couples can get a sketch for themselves as well ! 

Is Live Sketching the same as Live Wedding Painting ?

Having a live sketch artist to sketch as many people as possible is different from Live Wedding Painting. Anyone who is sketched at the wedding / event gets their own sketch at the end of the event.

Live Wedding Painting is an exclusive piece of artwork created by the artist for the couple to keep for themselves. 

How much time does it take to sketch a person ? 

Typically it takes 5-10 minutes to sketch one person. This depends on the complexity of the sketch + outfits . It also depends upon what the client would like . Sometimes, I have been asked to keep the sketch under 5 minutes to cover as many guests as possible. This is typical of promotional events where the brand or store would like to make sure as many of their clients get a complimentary sketch.  

What is the process for live sketching ? 

While the nature of the event may vary - corporate or private - the process is very similar . Every client has their own vision and I will work with each client to bring it to fruition. 

I arrive 30- 45 minutes ahead of the event and start setting up for the event. I will need a table and chair . Once the event starts , I have a sign up sheet for guests to enter their name + email address/ phone number . I will take a picture of the guest(s) and start sketching according to the order of the list. They do not have to sit and pose for me , they are more than welcome to watch me sketch :) 

They can pick up their sketch from me at the end of the event . Sketches that are not completed will be finished after the event mailed to the client . 

Digital sketches will be emailed to the guests within a few days. 

If the client/ couple choose to have additional / overtime sketches , the guests will receive the sketches post the event / wedding. 

How many live sketches can be expected at an event ? 

While every artist's style and speed varies , I can sketch 8-9 guests per hour ,  depending on how busy it is or the complexity of the sketch etc. Clients are guaranteed 36 sketches for a 4 hour event. 

What are additional / overtime sketches ? 

Sometimes the couple/ client would like to have as many guests sketched . I discuss this with the client ahead of the event to understand the requirements. I only sign up the number of people I can sketch while I am at the event ( for a 4 hour event , its 32 people ) . Clients can request me to stay overtime and I can sign up more people accordingly . Hourly rate applies for this option.

Sometimes , clients prefer to have additional sketches created based on per sketch as opposed to paying per hour . I will complete over time sketches post the event and mail them to the client in 10-14 business days.

Do you travel to sketch live at weddings and other events ? 

I'm based in the DC metro area in the US. Depending on my availability , I can travel to sketch at your wedding or other corporate events . Additional fees may apply. 

 Digital sketch  Live digital sketchLive digital sketch  


Digital Sketch Corporate Event    Interested in having live sketching at your wedding / event ? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your event and your requirements. 


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