Creating Lasting Memories with Live Sketching Guest Portraits at Events

Have you ever attended an event and wished there was something unique and memorable to capture the moment? As the year comes to an end ( can you believe it ) are you planning a Holiday party for a corporate event or a milestone birthday or a wedding reception ?

Are you hoping to have something fun and interactive  for guests ? Look no further than live sketching! Live sketching is a fascinating art form that adds a touch of creativity and entertainment to any event, including Holiday parties , weddings, corporate events .

While I am based in the DMV area, I do travel to sketch live at events. I recently travelled to Boston where I got to sketch alongside my friend Sam , a fellow artist.

Watercolor sketch - live sketching guest portraits

What is live sketching?

Live sketching, also known as event sketching or on-the-spot drawing, is the process of creating quick, spontaneous sketches of people or scenes in real-time. It involves capturing the essence and personality of the subject through a combination of observation and artistic interpretation. Live sketching is often done using traditional mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolors or markers , but digital sketching techniques are also gaining popularity.

I sketch live using traditional and digital methods. I use watercolors & pens+ markers on paper . I use the iPad as well for digital sketching. 

Digital Sketch - Live sketching guest portraits in Boston , Massachusetts

Why choose live sketching for a milestone birthday?

Live sketching offers a unique and interactive experience for both the guests and the birthday celebrant. Photography and videography are beautiful ways to capture the event.  Live sketching provides a personalized and tangible memento of the event. It allows guests to see themselves through the eyes of an artist and creates a lasting memory that goes beyond a simple photograph.

How does live sketching work?

During an event, I  have a designated area where I sketch guest portraits.  I work quickly, capturing the essence of each individual in just a few minutes. Guests can watch me in action, adding an element of entertainment to the event. Once completed, the sketches can be given to the guests as a party favor or displayed as part of the event decor. 

Live Sketching guest portraits

Benefits of live sketching at an event

1. Unique entertainment: Live sketching adds a touch of novelty and excitement to the celebration. Guests will be intrigued by the artist's talent and enjoy watching the sketches come to life.

2. Personalized keepsakes: Each guest will receive a one-of-a-kind sketch that captures their individuality. These sketches can be cherished for years to come, serving as a reminder of the special milestone birthday.

3. Conversation starter: The live sketching area becomes a focal point of the event, encouraging guests to interact and engage with one another. It provides a natural icebreaker and sparks conversations among attendees.

4. Artistic touch: Incorporating live sketching into a milestone birthday adds an artistic element to the celebration. It elevates the overall aesthetic and creates a visually appealing atmosphere.

Where to find live sketch artists in your area ?

I am based in Virginia and am available to sketch live at events in the Washington DC , Maryland , Virginia , Philadelphia, Delaware and NY area . I do travel beyond these areas to sketch live at events. I am booking 2024 weddings and other events. Feel free to reach out to me via email LAKSHMI(AT)LAKSHSARKAR.COM OR fill out this form

If you would like to include live sketching, there are several talented artists available for hire. You can search online directories, event planning websites, or ask for recommendations from friends or local art communities. If I am not available, I am happy to recommend a few of my wonderful talented artist friends. 

Make sure to review the artist's portfolio and read customer reviews to ensure their style aligns with your vision.

Digital sketch of guests

In conclusion, live sketching guests offers personalized keepsakes, entertainment, and adds an artistic touch to the event. Consider incorporating live sketching into your next event and create lasting memories for both you and your guests. 



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