Caffeine loaded with artwork - Hand Painted mugs

My love for caffeine and art has spilleth over.... in the form of hand painted mugs. I have always wanted to create art on products . Having my art hung on a wall in someone's home, is a privilege for me . But I've always envisioned people interacting with my artwork and for it to be a part of their daily routine . 

I hope these hand painted coffee/ chai mugs will brighten up your morning / evening , as the case maybe. You will be holding an original piece of art in your hands :) My vision is that it will be a different experience. 

hand painted mugshand painted mug with woman and splashes of color                              hand painted peonies wrapped around the mug
hand painted mug with south asian bride in gold outfit For the time being , I have 5 artworks for you to choose from . Every mug will be different than the other, since its hand painted ( see image below ) . I carefully sketch and paint on the mugs. Once it dries , I let the mugs bake in the oven to set the paint in and then seal it with a varnish. The mugs will be packaged to ensure safe delivery to the recipient  ( UPS / USPS do not disappoint !) The mugs cannot be washed in a dishwasher . Hand Wash only . 

Also this small collection marks the debut of my new online store ! yay ! I am yet to add art prints among other things to the store . It is a work in progress , so please be patient as I continue to improve your experience here. 

    hand painted mug with black and gold illustration of woman

I'd love to hear from you about what you think of the mugs , if you have a custom project or if you simply would like to say hi . 

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the experience !




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