Bloomingdales Mother's Day Event - Live Engraving

Bloomingdales has been a long time client of mine . I love working at their events. Its always a fun experience interacting with the friendly staff and the clients who get their items personalized from me. 

In particular, Mother's Day events are a lot of fun to work at . This year, I engraved perfume bottles and candles at Bloomingdales , Chevy Chase , MD. As always, the engraving is complimentary with a purchase of the perfume bottles and candles. 

I was busy from the get go . As soon I as I set up , I started engraving . In 3 hours , I engraved at least 34 fragrance bottles and candles . It was a busy 3 hours ! People are so appreciative of this additional personalization. 

I engraved names and a couple of phrases , including some inside jokes. Those are always fun to do ! 

I didn't get any time to take any videos . I was lucky to get a couple of decent photographs of the engravings .  At any given time, I had at least 5 bottles in queue for me to engrave . The key is to work fast and make sure I don't make spelling mistakes ! It really was a joy to see the client's reaction when they received their personalized items. 

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Weekend ! 

Engraving on perfume bottle at Bloomingdales

Perfume bottle engraving for Mother's Day at Bloomingdales

Live engraving on Diffuser at Bloomingdales by Lakshmi

Engraving on perfume bottle for Mothers Day

Engraving at Bloomingdales for Mothers day

Engraving on bottle for grandmother at Mothers Day Event

Engraving on Versace bottle

Live engraving on candle at Bloomingdales


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