Barbie Mania - Fashion Illustrations of Margot Robbie's Outfits

While I have no background in marketing , other than marketing my own work , it is safe to say , that the marketing team for Barbie nailed the marketing vision. 

Barbie themed airbnbs , restaurants, bars, experiential marketing is in full swing.  People are marketing Barbie themselves showing up in pink / barbie inspired outfits for the movie. My own kid will be dressed very Barbie like when she goes to see the movie. 

And of course, Margot Robbie dressed up in Barbie outfits on the press tour- its the cherry on top of the marketing game !  I mean , it doesn't get any better than this. Now as someone who sketches fashion , this was a treat for me ! If could, I would sketch more Margot Robbie in Barbie outfits. I still may do it .

It's a fashion illustrator's delight. It's inspiring to sketch something so bright and vivacious .

I was late to the party , but still got in 3 sketches done last week . I created digital sketches using my trusty Procreate on the iPad. 

Which one's your favorite ? 

Margot Robbie Sketch - Barbie movie press tour

Fashion Sketch of Barbie movie press tour - Margot Robbie

Fashion Illustration of Margot Robbie - Barbie Movie

How amazing would it be to be live sketching all the fashionista guests at a Barbie themed event or a bridal shower?! Putting this out into the universe  :) 



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