Aries Season

Welcome to  Aries ♈️ Season .. She’s a dreamer and a doer .

Aries is the first Zodiac sign . It is one of the fire signs .

Aries woman sketched with watercolors and pens . I’ve been playing with a slightly different way of painting. It’s not normally how i paint . But I’m kind of enjoying starting a painting this way . It helps to free up and warm up with loose strokes and zone in on details .

I've been good with creating the zodiac signs like I mentioned in a previous post about creating a series . It has definitely spurred creativity for me . I was struggling with a creative slump a while back . But painting consistently, and trying a new technique  has helped me come out of the creative rut . 

I wanted to make sure my Aries illustration depicted the fiery feel that Aries folks are known for . I love using my watercolors and markers to create the movement in the artwork . It helps to paint like the way the artwork is meant to be - free and not the least bit of inhibition . The yellows and reds and oranges are beautiful hues to play around with and depict the passion in Aries

I'm working on the next set of illustrations and they should be up on the website soon. 


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