Live Painting at Westfields Marriott , Virginia

I can never tell with this weather . Winter was/is so so mild this year in Virginia , that it feels like it’s spring teasing us. To top it, it’s already March . I mean , how did that happen ? All that hooplah about 2020 … a new decade etc etc . And we are already in March ! And we are into wedding season .. or at least its close .

If you haven’t kept up with me on Instagram stories , here’s what I’ve been upto . This past weekend , I was part of The Shaadi Showcase by Dream Shaadi, at Marriott Westfields, Chantilly. It was a fun experience to be a part of . I partnered with Hani Anis to create a live painting of one of her bridal looks. I painted the bridal look on site after setting up . It took about 3 hours to get a fairly detailed sketchy look – don’t know if that made sense ! But you know , I think it gave the attendees a good sense of what live painting is about and what I could create in that span of time. 

Painting of Indian bride
Live painting of Anis Collections’s bridal wear

Our lovely model, Chanda,  showcased Hani’s bridal wear from her new collection and ReeMat Designs stunning jewelry . Our model wearing the outfit and jewelry , really brought the showcase to life and the fact that I was live painting the look added a nice touch to the event.  The collective effort , here , really speaks volumes .

Live painting of wedding
Live Painting canvas
Live Painting in Virginia , South Asian Wedding

Live painting is one of the most interactive ways for me to work. It really pulls in the audience as they watch the painting come to life. Many people had never seen a live painting before. In my mind, it really isn’t something new. Back in the day , before photography , art was the only way to document special milestones.

I’ll be at a similar event by South Asian Bride Magazine on March 8th at Gaylord National Resort and convention center in Maryland from 12 pm – 5 pm . If you are in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and are engaged or know of someone who might be interested in adding something unique to their event , come see me at the show. There might be some live painting involved again 🙂 

Have a great day and enjoy March:) 



Giorgio Armani – Live Beauty Sketching

Hello lovelies,

As some of you may recall , if you saw my last post and /or on Instagram , this past Saturday , I sketched live with Giorgio Armani for their event at Saks Fifth Avenue, in Maryland. I sketched from 10:30 until 7 pm with a short break in between for a quick bite. Sketching beautiful people to music for 8 straight hours – nothing to complain about . It was a busy , fun filled energetic day as clients got their makeover done by celebrity make artist Tim Quinn and designer Jesus Estrada along with the Armani beauty team .

I was asked to create sketches of clients in about 15 minutes or less . I chose to do a mix of watercolors , ink and pens. I love doing the quick washes in watercolors and ink and refining it with pen. I started out doing 15 minute sketches , but as the day went by and it got busier in the afternoon . I had to hammer out sketches in less than 10 minutes. But, I love a challenge  🙂

Here’s some of the behind the scenes look and some of the sketches at the event. Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts !

And , thank you all for the support you’ve given me on this crazy journey of mine in the world of illustration. It almost seemed impossible when I started out, but reading your comments, emails and messages keeps me going . I truly value your support !



My experience with Vogue India

A few months ago, I was approached by a publication and they wanted me to do a series of illustrations for them . We only went as far as doing one rough draft and they decided not to go ahead with the project. I wasn’t given a reason for the decision , which was confusing. While it left me feeling a little low,  I’ve learnt that disappointments are part of the game and I told myself to forget about it and concentrate on possibilities and upcoming projects in the future .

A few weeks later, one morning , I woke up and checked my email on my phone. There was an email for me from Vogue India asking if I could do a few illustrations for their November issue. I had to rub my eyes to check if I was hallucinating. I wasn’t .

The project was to create 14 illustrations for the Couture Report to be published in the November issue.  The bridal couture designs by the designers , were shown at the 10th edition of India Couture Week in July ’17.  The designers in the report that I was going to illustrate were Anita Dongre, Shymal & BHumika, Anamika Khanna, Tarun Tahiliani, Rina Dhaka, Manav Gangwani, Reynu Taandon, Varun Bahl, Rohit Bal , Monisha Jaising, Gaurav Gupta, Anju Modi , Rahul Misra and  Manish Malhotra.

I was floored and the process began soon to create the illustrations . We had just about 2 weeks to finish it up for print. I’d like to thank the amazing team at Vogue India for their art direction and patience during this entire collaborative process. It was a back and forth process to make sure that the illustrations were a good mix of my artistic style and Vogue aesthetics.

As any project begins, we had to do the first round of first drafts -first in pencil and then the first round in color and some detail .

First draft

First Draft

First Draft

We started with one illustration (Shyamal Bhumika – see below) from start to finish to get a sense of the final look . Once we got that down, it helped me understand what the final look was going to be .

The question that I’ve gotten most ,  is about the sketching process and the kind of materials used. I’ve done my best to answer those questions below.

All of the first drafts were hand sketched and hand painted (see above images ) . This was the stage where the most amount of changes/ feedback took place to make sure, we got the colors of the outfits , poses , hair etc to a point where it would evolve into the final .

I created Shyamal Bhumika and Anamika Khanna ,completely  by hand , using a mix of watercolors, markers and pen . I used Winston and Newton watercolors for Shyamal & Bhumika along with Sakura Micron Pens for the detailing and Uniball Signo White pen for the sparkle. I used Copic Markers and Copic multiliner and Sakura Micron Pens to detail.  I scanned them in and digitally edited them , in Procreate app on the Ipad Pro , for the final look.

Shymal & Bhumika – Hand drawn and painted with watercolors, detailed with pens. 

Anamika Khanna – Hand drawn with markers and watercolors before final digital edit

For the rest of the 12 illustrations , I scanned the first drafts in and took them forward in Procreate App on the Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil .

With the Apple Pencil , I feel the comfort of working with a regular pencil . I’m able to draw and sketch the same way that I would with a pencil. Procreate app has a plethora of pens, paint styles, effects and more. For those who’ve never worked with it , the additional benefit is that you can work using layers and create PSD files for Adobe Photoshop. It helped that I worked on the majority of the outfits digitally . As you will see from the reference images, below, each outfit has an immense amount of detailing – embroidery, color- wise, the fall of the fabric etc. I was able to zoom into each detail and work on it.  It’s easier to re create when edits and changes are requested than on paper, for sure – especially when there is a stringent deadline to be met.

I have poured my heart and soul into this collaboration . I worked for 2 straight weeks on this project. I’d go to bed by 10ish pm . I’d wake up early to get a start to the day .. after a certain point, one questions if 3 am is late at night or early in the morning !



Manish Malhotra












IMG_2451 2









From the very outset, the art direction was clear – the outfits had to be the main focus – making sure that it referenced from the photographs provided . Up until the last day , I worked to make sure each illustration matched every edit request , art direction and did justice to the designer’s work . One of the questions has been , how long it took me to do each illustration . On an average , each illustration – from pencil to final look was 10 – 15 hours – depending on the complexity of the outfit. I’m pretty certain, adrenalin kept me going through this rigorous process . On the final day,  I worked through the night and turned in the work in,  the morning of my husband’s birthday .

Of course, at 2:00 am , my Ipad and my Apple Pencil , both,  needed recharging – as did I ! Nothing that coconut water and ginger infused water with a dash of lemon couldn’t take care of 😉 I am proud of myself that I limited myself to 2 cups of caffeine and stuck to a 45 minute run/walk everyday during this period . It helped me stay focussed with long periods of sedentary and intense work .

I knew the issue would be out on November 4th in India . Obviously, i had a sleepless night wondering how it would all look . That night I dreamt that I had the issue in hand and I turned it cover to cover – but my work had not been included in it ! Such is the way the mind works. But, I have to thank those who wrote to me the next day , saying they saw my work in the issue ! Vogue India sent me the pdfs of the final report , shortly, and I was almost in tears.

It is such a satisfying feeling when your work is finally out in the real world. It took me back to the moment when my work didn’t move forward with the other publication and I told myself that there were better things to come. I had a serendipitous moment when I got the email from Vogue India- this was meant to be. The universe works in mysterious ways and positive thinking goes a long way. Yes, rejection is part of the game. But there’s something bigger and better ahead.

I hope I’ve answered most queries about this project that people have asked me about. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or just to say hi 🙂 Thank you to Vogue India , again ! Thanks to every single one of you who wrote to me, sent me snapshots of your copy of Vogue and my work in it . It is truly humbling .

Oh and yes, my copy of Vogue India arrived  from India a few days ago,and yes, it sits on my coffee table 🙂




What you need to know about Live Paintings at weddings

Live Reception Painting

Hello friends !

I’m so behind on blog posts, its not even worth talking about. But here I am . So lets jump right into it.

What is live painting or live sketching ?

You may have seen it at a few weddings and if you haven’t , here’s something to consider , if you are getting married . If you aren’t , you might know someone who is and is probably considering  adding unique elements to their big day .

When an artist is hired to paint live at a wedding or any social event , it is called live painting. The idea is for the artist to capture the event on a canvas – at the event, through an artistic lens. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion on a painting.

It gives you a direct glimpse into the work process, thought process and actual working style of an artist. You can certainly let the artist know what exactly it is that you want painted on the canvas . It could be a certain part of a ceremony – something that is very important in a culture . For Hindu weddings, couples/ families revere the pheras as a sanctimonious tradition among others. For Christian weddings, it’s could be the vows . For receptions , it could be the first dance .

It’s what you want .

While the artist will capture the exact moment you’ve requested for, live painting enables the artist to have a free reign on the actual painting. You want an artist to have that ability to bring his/ her best work to the table . They’ll capture the ambience of the event , subtle occurrences that add a touch of whimsy to the painting.

Five things to know about live painting :

  1. Every artist has their own way of working . You can expect them to arrive and set up at the event and few hours ahead of the event and start painting in the venue , setting etc.
  2. as the event unfolds , you’ll see the artist add in more details. Guests can watch the painting evolve during the event . You’ll see how the artist works his/ her way through the painting and adds layers that you always wondered about.
  3. its a great way to entertain your guests , and once the artist is done with the painting,  you get to take the painting home .
  4. A painting is a very special commemoration of the event . You’ll have your photography + Videography team working hard to capture your special day . You can also add to those memories with a painting as a keepsake – a family heirloom .
  5. You don’t need a live painting or a painting for that matter .You WANT a live painting 😉


Freebie : September Desktop Wallpaper

My favorite season is here…

September Desktop Wallpaper

It’s almost September .. it’s back to school , its almost end of summer and oh- my favorite season is almost here.  It’s time for a freebie – a cute desktop wallpaper.. created with Procreate . I hope to make this a regular practice – fingers crossed. Sign up for my newsletter and get these freebies first 🙂

Summer was fun . Most of it was spent nursing my hand . Yes, my hand . From over use . Over painting , can you believer it ? I had been working on large paintings and I spent hours at a stretch detailing them .  It would cramp up , hurt like crazy . I finally made the decision to take time off from painting.  Something , I never thought I could. It actually did me a world of good. I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things .  I’m trying to make sure I take breaks while painting . Here’s to a healthy hand ! 

Anyway, back to fall ..
I’m a fall girl , through and through . I love the cooler weather. Its sweater weather , warm beverages , and the beautiful colors of the leaves. I’ve never really liked the heat – although I grew up in mostly hot places.  But , fall – its perfect . Love the sweaters, big boots and – fashion season 🙂 

Below are the links to the freebie . They are in the two common resolutions  . Click here to get 1920×1080 and 1280×1024 ).

I’d love to see if you’ve used it for your computer. Send me a picture , I’ll share it over on Insta. Please be mindful that this is not for commercial use. If you share it, please link it / credit it back to me . I definitely appreciate you spreading the word .

Have a great day , a nice long weekend ( its Labor Day weekend , here in the US ) and enjoy the upcoming new month 🙂 


Its been a while .. again..

I didn’t realize I haven’t posted anything here in 8 months .. really ? I think about it , put it on my to – do list and then I don’t do it , obviously !

But it’s time I try to post here at least once a month – we’ll see , how much I hang on to that.Summer just flew by . We had a bunch of trips – Shenandoah Valley , New York City , Pittsburgh .The highlight of the trip was Falling Water, Bear Run .

Anyway, it’s back to school today – which means, a whole new school year . I might just have some chunks of time to myself during the day and someone doesn’t ask for food , or is bored or wants something done right away !

It means I have a middle schooler (!) and one in elementary . It means fall is around the corner. Cooler , crisp weather is on its way . Football will be on TV nonstop – my son and husband love football. I love fall , it is my most favorite time of the year . The color of the leaves just fills me with so much energy and I like to pour it all in my sketches . It also means New York Fashion Week is pretty soon . woo hoo! A whole bunch of fresh dose of inspiration to sketch .

It’s a good segway into Fashion week , since I started warming up this past week with a few illustrations from Lakme Fashion Week . Here’ are a few of them . I used my favorite mediums – watercolors and pen to illustrate these sketches.

I was good about getting a work in progress for one of them 🙂 I’m so proud of myself that I remembered to do this .

This one is Sushmita Sen in Sunita Shanker x RMKV Silks. It’s a reversible silk sari – a jumpsuit sari . Oh and once upon a time,  I was a blushing bride in RMKV silk sari , as well 🙂



The one below is an Anushree Reddy lehenga . I love her designs — They are very soft and feminine . This illustration is of Malaika Arora Khan in Anushree Reddy’s design.

MalaikaArora in AnushreeReddy

This post has to be the first of more , this year – I pray ! I fall off the wagon . But I must get back on it . Have a great week , my friends ! I’ll post my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week , for sure.



All those who wander are not lost ..

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I do .I will do my best to answer all of the questions .

In my experience and belief – we are ALL gifted with some creativity and we become experts at it by practicing the craft over and over again over a long period of time. Practice makes perfect . I don’t know if anything I ever do is perfect, I know that each time I practice, I get closer to perfection .

I came across this quote by Aamir Khan and it resonated with me . I am an optimist and believe that everyone can make a difference. I may not succeed but I want to try.

Untitled_Artwork 62
Aamir Khan – In progress

Untitled_Artwork 64
Aamir Khan – referenced from GQ India. Sketched with Dr.Ph Martins Ink

Here are some of the questions that have been asked :

  1. My educational background

I’ve described some of it here , in my about page .

As a young child, I drew a lot. I loved to paint, sculpt and more. I studied architecture all of my college life – undergrad in India and Masters in the U.S. I enrolled for college in architecture in Mumbai . I firmly believe a lot of my techniques for drawing and appetite for design were formed through my favorite subject – Basic Design in our first year. Over the course of college , we worked on sketching skills, creating perspective drawings of objects and buildings . What was interesting to me was, everything was created keeping the human scale in mind. Everything was relative to the human being using a facility . But I never did , once, draw human anatomy. We sketched a simple human figure, but never in great detail . It was an outline of the human anatomy.

i was always intimidated to draw the human anatomy . It felt more fine art and I always felt I had to achieve perfection – so I never tried . And so , a lot of my college friends are completely surprised by what I do now 😉 Because I never did draw what I felt like in college – I was always repressed and held back . I was surrounded by some immensely talented people and I was intimidated by what they could do . So , I just drew and sketched what was expected from  us and moved on to the next assignment. Although, I do remember, every time, I held a pencil to do a freehand sketch of a building at our trips to various places in India, I felt alive. Those were some of my best sketches . Ones, where I connected with my subject and didn’t care about who drew better than me or what my sketch compared to the person next to me – or what people would think of my work .

I remind myself of those experiences all the time – especially in this day and age of social media. Its so easy to compare one’s work with others and not perform to the best of one’s ability.

2. My journey into fashion illustration

I got back into painting , sketching slowly after I graduated from undergrad and then stopped again when I moved to the U.S for my Masters. I took up some painting briefly after I got my Masters in Architecture. I worked as an architect for many moons after that and life went on . Things change, and so did I .

Fast forward to 2015 , Instagram had taken over the world . My friend suggested I post my work on it . I did – it was mostly – patterns of flowers, leaves, geometrical shapes in watercolors and pen. This was January 2015 . About a month later, I came across some gorgeous illustrations – I didn’t know they were fashion illustrations. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I was following some wonderful illustrators – Megan Hess was one of them . I couldn’t help notice how beautiful the work was. I came across Shamekh Bluwi – an architect , now a fashion illustrator. And so on . I saw illustrations inspired by a single look- rendered in various artistic styles – some realistic, some quirky , some playful etc. It caught my attention . Soon , I wondered if I could try it . But then again, I hadn’t sketched human anatomy at all . I thought if I tried something , it might bolster my confidence to sketch . Months went by , I didn’t do anything concrete. But I had been always fascinated by the world of fashion – as an observer . I loved the red carpet gowns, I loved the various designer outfits on the celebrities. And art had always been in my life – one way or another. I just had no idea that a field existed where the two intersected.

The following September ’15 , I decided I would give fashion illustration a go . I decided to sketch the looks from New York Fashion Week – just that week to simply improve on my sketching skills. I thought , if I could get over my fear and nervousness of sketching a human anatomy , I could do just about anything. I figured , even if I messed up , who really cared ? I had about 250 followers on Instagram at that point . I didn’t think anyone would notice . My goal was only to have fun , learn something new and hopefully get better at what I loved to do . If you have the patience to scroll back on my Instagram feed , you can see the exact moment , I started illustrating fashion !

I sketched my ass off that week. I distinctly remember sketching 2-3 sketches per day during NYFW. Not only , was I pleasantly surprised at what I had produced , I got  a few likes on them, they were shared on various fashion illustration accounts. The sketches were decent for someone who had never sketched the likes of fashion illustration . Although ,now,  I do cringe at some of them !  I was especially blown away when Prabal Gurung liked my illustration of his design (see below). It bolstered my confidence that , what I created was good. I decided that I would not only sketch NYFW, I would sketch my favorite looks from Milan, London and Paris . So by the end of fashion  month , my Instagram following had doubled – I was at a 500 followers.

Untitled_Artwork 65
Prabal Gurung SS16 at NYFW ’15. Sketched with Winsor And Newton Watercolors

This was completely unexpected and not something I had planned on. Shortly after Fashion Month , came the biggest surprise of all . I was included on Who What Wear’s list of Ultimate Fashion Illustrators on Instagram . I remember going through the article and wishing secretly that someday , I could be a part of such a list – only to find my name already included. I almost fell off my chair . Mind you, I had no clue what I was doing, at the time.

But, I was determined to figure it out . Have I figured it all out yet ? I’m not sure about that . It has been a steep learning curve. I have no background in fashion nor any formal training in illustration/ art . So , I have had to improvise and try new techniques and investigate somethings through trial and error . Some were a hit, some were a miss. But , I stay hungry and I stay foolish – the only way I will be able to learn and get better at what I do .I can assure you , noone’s journey in any field or life is the same. You’ll see that everyone has their own path that they explored before they are doing what they do.

I ended that year with so many people asking if I would do illustrations of them for Christmas gifts for their loved ones . Again, none of this , I had anticipated. But, I guess , if you take a calculated risk – it does pay off . Things picked up then on and I’m so happy that what I do , puts a smile on people’s faces, when it shows up on their Instagram feed. More importantly, I am happy doing what I do . I’m lost in what I do .

So in a nutshell , to those of you , who’ve asked me about how do I start ? Simply start . Practice . Practice . Try new techniques. Ask questions. Try new materials . Get over the fear of trying. Its just that – fear. Nothing more. It gets better . You will do better than you did yesterday . Don’t compare your work with others – it gets you nowhere .You only set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Figure out what works for you . What works for one person, may or may not work for you. Work towards being the best at what you do and to be the best version of yourself. Positive thoughts go a long way , don’t give up .

I guess , you could apply this little nugget to anything in this world – no matter if you are an illustrator or a lawyer or an architect 😉




Set me free – an in progress video

Hello loves,

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice warmer weather . Spring is tricky – with the temperatures swinging and the rain too. It’s raining today 🙄 .  But , although I will always favor cool over heat, I do like the 65 -70 degree weather  – anymore than that, and I start to complain !

I also find myself drawing more outfits that think spring. This time, I thought a video would be perfect showing the process.

I used Copic Markers and Sakura Micron pens for the sketch .

Markers for the blouse

Markers used for the skin tones

FullSizeRender 26
Markers used for the lehenga / skirt

Plethora of Sakura Micron pens for detailing

Untitled_Artwork 32

She’s available as a print on Etsy and also on phone cases on Casetify .




Saree Seduction

Hello loves,

Hope you are having a great week so far. In our neck of the woods, we’ve had a weird weather. We went from cold to beautiful within a day. Yesterday started out gloomy and wet. Then there was a downpour for about half hour- and I’m talking about a deluge, trees threatening to fall over from the wind . I dropped off my son at school in all of this. The poor kid was soaking wet – as were the other kids in school. I came home drenched and cold. The umbrella and my rain jacket were pretty useless in all of this.

This was followed by a pretty gloomy morning . I guess, being wet and cold, prompted me to create something bright and cheerful . I went with watercolors and gel pens for this one. I remembered to take a few in progress shots of this illustration . It gives you an idea of how it all came together.

I used my Artist’s Loft watercolors for this illustration . It is available at Michaels – I love the brilliance of the colors . I recommend this set for those who’ve never used watercolors and would like to try it out.

FullSizeRender 23

FullSizeRender 22

I added the patterns and details on the sari and blouse with Sakura Micron Pens and gel pens. I used acrylic paint to bring out the shine and flare on the sari .

Watercolors for her hair and a touch of Micron Pens.


FullSizeRender 21

There she is – all done and sashaying away to some mysterious location . She’s available for purchase in different sizes on Etsy and on phone cases etc through Casetify.