Hi, I’m Lakshmi . Thanks for stopping by! If you are an avid color enthusiast with a passion for fashion, weddings, coffee and/ tea and most importantly art and calligraphy – we are going to get along just fine ! I paint, sketch, draw and create almost everyday.  My inspirations range from nature to architecture to fashion to color to anything that is around me. I try to blend my varied interests using color, pens into art that encompasses intricate patterns, movement and beauty.

I reference fashion , weddings, architecture and seasons from various parts of the world because these places are all a part of me . I’ve lived in 4 different countries , as a result , they have influenced me as a person and my artistic style.

I create custom works – illustrations and calligraphy , and also paint live/ sketch at events.

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  1. I always enjoy looking at what you create. I hope it will be available for sale at some time. I like Yellow and Blue together.

  2. Hi Lakshmi what an honour it was to meet you in Laura Hoopers Calligraphy Class yesterday afternoon, you are truly an inspiration and I look forward to meeting you and having lunch. Your work is ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY! I feel that our meeting was not an accident and I will explain when we meet for lunch or when we speak. Keep doing great things Lakshmi, you have been blessed with such an AMAZING GIFT. Looking forward to my Angels and can’t wait to do business with you. Blessings, Alison (Allie) Willis

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