Live Painting at Westfields Marriott , Virginia

I can never tell with this weather . Winter was/is so so mild this year in Virginia , that it feels like it’s spring teasing us. To top it, it’s already March . I mean , how did that happen ? All that hooplah about 2020 … a new decade etc etc . And we are already in March ! And we are into wedding season .. or at least its close .

If you haven’t kept up with me on Instagram stories , here’s what I’ve been upto . This past weekend , I was part of The Shaadi Showcase by Dream Shaadi, at Marriott Westfields, Chantilly. It was a fun experience to be a part of . I partnered with Hani Anis to create a live painting of one of her bridal looks. I painted the bridal look on site after setting up . It took about 3 hours to get a fairly detailed sketchy look – don’t know if that made sense ! But you know , I think it gave the attendees a good sense of what live painting is about and what I could create in that span of time. 

Painting of Indian bride
Live painting of Anis Collections’s bridal wear

Our lovely model, Chanda,  showcased Hani’s bridal wear from her new collection and ReeMat Designs stunning jewelry . Our model wearing the outfit and jewelry , really brought the showcase to life and the fact that I was live painting the look added a nice touch to the event.  The collective effort , here , really speaks volumes .

Live painting of wedding
Live Painting canvas
Live Painting in Virginia , South Asian Wedding

Live painting is one of the most interactive ways for me to work. It really pulls in the audience as they watch the painting come to life. Many people had never seen a live painting before. In my mind, it really isn’t something new. Back in the day , before photography , art was the only way to document special milestones.

I’ll be at a similar event by South Asian Bride Magazine on March 8th at Gaylord National Resort and convention center in Maryland from 12 pm – 5 pm . If you are in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and are engaged or know of someone who might be interested in adding something unique to their event , come see me at the show. There might be some live painting involved again 🙂 

Have a great day and enjoy March:) 



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