Happy January

Alright, so I’m just a few days behind. But Happy 2016 !

So, mid- December, we visited India for two and a half weeks. I’m visiting Mumbai after 5 years – really long time. I was curious, excited , nervous – most of all , I was excited. Even though, I expected change, I wasn’t prepared for the changes. So much has changed, I have changed and I loved it . I wish certain things would change, but it hasn’t. I wish life were better for some folks, but I didn’t see that.

What did see was landmarks have changed, the way to get to my old haunt has changed and I was surprised by it all. What I did see was life has changed for everyone. People have gotten busier and leading a life far different than what I remember 16 years ago, when I left India for graduate school.

An illustration of a Bharatanatyam dancer. Image Credit : Sridevi Nrithyalaya Dance School

I spent time with family and old buddies. My kids got to experience where my husband and I grew up. They were fascinated by everything around them. The experience changed them too. They got to taste some foods , drinks, that are only available in Mumbai. They even picked up a few Hindi words. They loved the autonomy of public transport . They were amazed that we didn’t need to get into the car to go pick up milk or yogurt. They were stunned that everything was available just a few floors down our apartment building.

Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao Mastani . Costume designer : Anju Modi

On our way to the airport, as we were heading home, they asked if we could visit Mumbai again this year ! So all in all, I think it was a wonderful trip. I left with a heavy heart , leaving behind the people is the hardest .

But I’m happy to be home and working . I came back with plenty of inspiration and re-energised to work.

And working I am 🙂  Finished up a few commissioned illustrations , which I will share soon. If you are looking for illustrations for Valentine’s Day , email me at lsartillustrations(at)gmail.com

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