A little bit of color , a little bit of patterns

I spent a lot of time this week creating with watercolors and pen . This is my favorite thing to do .

Swirls in progress (www.artbylaksh.wordpress.com)
working in details (www.artbylaksh.wordpress.com)
Swirly- Wurly all done ! http://www.artbylaksh.wordpress.com

Its National Donut Day, Y’all  and its a Friday … so we should basically pig out , right ?

Fact : I loved donuts.. until I realized it started to show on me :-/ So I work out everytime I think of eating donuts and don’t act on that craving .

But , nothing wrong in feasting your eyes on this donut … feast away , its zero calories  and  a whole lot of love with patterned sprinkles on it .

Donut with some amazing sprinkles worked in. (www.artbylaksh.wordpress.com)

Have a great weekend !



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