Constantly evolving style

Every artist has their own style – one that keeps evolving. Mine has too. I always painted as a kid . Didn’t really have a preference then. After college, I took up oil painting. A few years ago , I was all about acrylic paints. Then I started to do a mix of acrylic and pen and then scanning it into photoshop/illustrator to play with it on the computer. I would like to do that again.

Lately, I am enjoying watercolors and pen. What makes me most happy is when I can combine the two . Its fun to let the watercolors do their own thing and then I can go in draw in lines, shades, doodles that I can control. What do I like to draw ? A lot of stuff. I tend to sketch and then want to go in a fill in with patterns, images , doodles. That seems to really be my thing .

Wake Cup – Inspired by my sleep t-shirt which says exactly that . I am like this many mornings if I have not worked out or had my cuppa !

What do you think is your style ? Has it evolved, changed ? Have you tried something that you’ve sworn off of only to discover that its actually the coolest thing ever ?




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